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Decline and FallDecline and Fall

From Country Landowner and Rural Business Magazine, October 2007, reproduced with the kind permission of the Country Land and Business Association (CLA).



Avalanche IAvalanche I

The full story of Henry Arkwright's death on Mont Blanc in 1866.




Avalanche IIAvalanche II

The full story of the recovery of Henry Arkwright's body thirty-one years after his death on Mont Blanc, in 1897.



HMS Untamed 1943The cruel fate of the last John Arkwright - HMS Untamed 1943

The Arkwrights after Champagne and Shambles, including the death of John RS Arwkright on HMS Untamed in May 1943. A version of this story was printed in the Hereford Times on the 14th September 2000.


A Notable Narcissus Nursery

A Notable Narcissus Nursery

First published in Hortus 81, Spring 2007, and reproduced here by kind permission of proprietor, publisher and editor, David Wheeler.





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