Readers' Comments


I really enjoyed your book – thank you.  I have been engaged in agriculture for most of my adult life and your book explained the ‘coming-down time’ better than any I have ever read… I found [it] difficult to put down and feel very sad now that it is finished. Retired agricultural agent


Very difficult to pull off a personal story with historical/social/agricultural history.  I think you did it admirably. Scots landowner


I should be grateful if you would send me another copy… which I am going to distribute amongst my family for careful reading. Northamptonshire landowner


I felt I must write to you to say how much I have enjoyed the book, in fact I think it is the best I have read for a long time, I found it so interesting and readable. Retired farmer and eminent Hereford Cattle breeder.


I have just finished ‘Champagne and Shambles’ and found it hugely enjoyable… It’s an extraordinary story. Historic Gardens Trust Secretary


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